Tower No. 15

Tower No. 15

On 24 December 2021, the 15th volume of the museum's periodical 'Baszta', published by the Chojnice Museum in 1986, went to print. The latest, nearly two hundred pages long, the issue covers the years 2019 - 2021. It comes out at a time which is exceptional for many reasons, mainly due to a certain disruption in the normal rhythm of the museum's functioning caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also in connection with the 100th anniversary of the celebration of the independence of the Pomeranian region, which falls at that time. The issue features interesting historical articles, research by curators and authors who have been cooperating with the Museum for years, information on renovation and conservation projects, as well as accounts of major events, interesting exhibitions held at the Chojnice Museum during this period, and educational meetings and workshops. As usual, the issue is provided with rich iconographic documentation.

The aim of the "Baszta" issue is, in particular, to disseminate knowledge about the collections of the Chojnice Museum, documenting the work of museum workers on broadening the knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of Chojnice and the region. The magazine contains thematic articles focused on research on particular monuments, popular science studies, and reporting materials on events and ongoing museum projects while maintaining continuity in reporting.

Chapter I - Articles and materials - contains the following studies:

PIOTR PIĘTKOWSKI, The earliest source references the Brda and its river basin. A general outline of the margins of archaeological, historical and linguistic research to date.

ERZY SZWANKOWSKI, Collector's passions of the Chojniczans. Dr Wilhelm Mứller's Japanese kites (1871-1936).

DAWID KOBIAŁKA, MIKOŁAJ KOSTYRKO, FILIP WAŁDOCH, DANIEL NITA, MARTA RYCHTARSKA, JOANNA RENNWANZ, AGNIESZKA BANASZAK, "Temporary graves of martyrs overgrown with grass, their bones turned to dust...". The interdisciplinary research of Chojnice's Death Valley in 2020.

ZACHARIASZ FRĄCEK, MAREK KOŁYSZKO, ANDRZEJ SEKUŁA, Name list of Russian soldiers from the Czersk sub-camp buried in the POW cemetery in Niebędzin, Nowa Wieś Lęborska commune.

MICHAŁ OLEKSY, Conservation and restoration works of the Corner Tower and Shoemaker's House in Chojnice.

HANNA RZĄSKA, Conservation of archaeological monuments.

MARIA CZAPLEWSKA, Chojnice folk artist, embroiderer - Elżbieta Chrapkowska - Pociej.

JÓZEF KĄDZIELA, 50 years of the cradle of Polish sailing Chojnice - Charzykowy, (part 3).

Place and year of publication: Chojnice 2021

Number of pages: 188

Format: 17.0 x 23.7 cm

Price: 15 zł